5 and 10 Food photography








5&10-25I recently teamed up with 5&10 chef Jason Zygmont to photograph some dishes on the dinner menu. We wanted to capture the food without any distracting elements in the images so we chose natural light and simple surfaces to keep focus on the food and it’s presentation. Here are some of the examples from the 5&10, Athens GA Food Photography.

Portrait Thayer Sarrano

Top-6-whp Top-1-wbRecently invited Thayer Sarrano, local Athens GA musician, over to the photo studio for a head shot style portrait.  Using a simple lighting setup and a hi-key backdrop along with a very shallow depth of field, we were able to get a nice clean portrait to use along side her other promotional photography.

Washington Square

Architecture Photography 006 Architecture Photography 004 Architecture Photography 003 Interior2-webArchitectural Photography

This is a unique space in downtown Athens GA recently made into a salon.  Upstairs, a quaint and narrow space lit by skylights, presenting some challenges for interior photography.  Here are a couple of images from the photo shoot.